Photography secrets

  • Secrets of taking pictures with light from a window

Do you want to know how to get your hands on a free light source that works just as well as expensive solutions?
We are convinced that any photographer in today’s environment needs to understand the nature of natural light sources and be able to use them to create first-class images. One option for such a source is light from a window.

What are the advantages of taking pictures using light from a window?
– Accessibility. You can find a window in almost any room, which means this type of photography can be used at any time of year and in any location;
– Free. You don’t have to pay for a window. You just need to find a room with a big window and shoot for free!

– Window size. You can find a window measuring 2×3 meters, or even 3×4 meters, if it is an abandoned factory. You won’t find a softbox of this size in any studio.
Why don’t most photographers use this type of photography? Well, it’s because shooting with light from a window, even though it seems simple, has a lot of nuances and questions.

What results you will get by studying the lessons of the course:
1) You will get acquainted with the equipment that is usually used when shooting with natural light;
2) Understand what is necessary in order to work properly with natural light and without what skills it is impossible to achieve quality pictures;
3) Learn how to properly adjust your camera when working with natural light in different situations;
4) Learn all the secrets of the dependence of the background contrast in relation to the model, and consider the difference in relation to the background contrast;
5) Explore shooting a portrait using a tool such as a tint to adjust the contrast.

  • Studio photography from scratch

Studio photography is a direction in creating images that is very difficult for novice photographers due to the many nuances and difficulties. Choosing a camera and lenses, working with lighting and setting up equipment: these are just a few of the topics that a beginner needs to understand in order to achieve success when shooting in the studio.

You can study work in this direction in various ways: for example, on your own, or by attending individual classes with a teacher. However, the best option in terms of accessibility, speed, convenience and quality is to take professional distance courses in studio photography.

The project team has developed a comprehensive solution to the problem of training novice photographers – the video course “Studio photography from scratch”.

Our lessons: training in studio photography
The course “Studio photography from scratch” includes 30 lessons with a total duration of 4 hours, during which we describe in detail and show examples of working with 3 models of the features of creating high-quality photos in the studio.

Course content:

1) Types of studios, review and setup of equipment, cameras and lenses.
2) Characteristics of lighting in studio photography, its types and setting.
3) Approaches to creating volume and emphasizing forms.
4) Analysis of various methods of shooting, techniques for working with light and masks.
5) Features of creating male portraits.

  • Photo posing cheat sheet

The course is a cheat sheet for girls who dream to always look beautiful in pictures and learn the most interesting poses for photo posing. Also the training will be useful for photographers who save their time and want to speed up the process of shooting models, spending less time discussing posing.

We will tell about how to take beautiful photos on the phone and what are the best poses to take photos. The training is accompanied by clear illustrations for each pose. The described techniques are used by professional photo models. The program of the course is 50+ slides with illustrations of the arm, leg, foot, torso poses: sitting, standing, lying.

In the course “A cheat sheet on photo posing:

1) The Proper Technique of Photoposing.
2) How to take a photo for content in social networks.
3) How to control the look, emotion and plasticity in the frame.
4) Instructions with the best poses for taking pictures.
5) Mistakes and the right options for photo posing.

  • Flash is easy

For novice photographers, it can sometimes be quite difficult to figure out how to work with flash. But light control is extremely important. Knowing how to properly set the light and adjust the flash, you can shoot even in the most difficult conditions of day and night. This online course is designed to help beginners understand the intricacies and nuances of setting up a camera flash so you can do what you love without being tied to natural light.

The training will be useful for those who love photography and want to learn how to work with artificial light in order to reach a new level of skill. For those who care that photos on social networks attract as many visitors as possible. The course syllabus consists of 18 flash training topics, practice, a final exam, and a training certificate.

Brief program of the course “Flash is easy”:

1) Flash control secrets and settings.
2) Using the built-in flash and remote.
3) How to photograph white in the light, black in the dark.
4) We are creative with light and create special effects.
5) Techniques that will give ordinary photos a WOW effect.

Thank you for your trust!