• Retouching photos

The profession of a photographer is not only the ability to take a beautiful picture, it is very important to bring the picture through digital processing and make a masterpiece out of it. This course is designed for those who are just beginning to master this science.

The format of the photo retouching course is very simple. You watch the video lessons and repeat everything after the teacher, gaining practical experience. Then you do your homework and turn it in for review. After completing the course and completing all assignments, you receive a personal certificate of the school.

In the course “Retouching Photos:

1) Secrets of Mastery. How to retouch photos quickly and correctly;
2) How to work with volume, color and light;
3) How to emphasize the “highlights” in each frame;
4) Tips and tricks of a professional in photo processing.

  • Profession Retoucher

Retoucher is an interesting, creative profession. A retoucher improves photos using software, effects, and can turn a simple photo into a work of art. A retoucher can work with PR agencies, magazines, and retouching is also in demand as a freelancer. Skillbox Online University course is for those who want to learn how to make a beautiful visual and earn on their knowledge.

The program consists of 5 immersion courses in the profession. You will learn to work with Lightroom, Capture One, Photoshop. Starting with the basics, you will gradually learn how to work with complex retouching techniques, adjust color correction, and use trends in your work. Separately you will learn how to promote and sell your photoworks, and how to work with clients.

The program of the course “Retoucher Profession”:

1) Adobe Lightroom program. Color correction, correction of flaws in photos.
2) Adobe Photoshop. Simple and complex retouching techniques.
3) Nuances of professional work in Capture One. Shooting in the program.
4) Searching for customers. Work as a freelancer or agency. Contract for services.
5) Portfolio creation. Placing works on the site to find customers.

  • 5 steps to good color

It is difficult to imagine modern man without a camera in his hands. People try to capture the brightest moments of life to be able to feel the emotions of days gone by again in the future. Unfortunately, even the professionals do not always have perfect pictures.

For the correction of pictures created a lot of programs, such as Adobe Photoshop and Camera Raw, which also allows you to adjust the brightness and contrast of the image. Treated photographs, devoid of the imperfections of the original, delight the eye with a balanced color and absence of extraneous shades.

The course “5 Steps to Good Color” is a guide to editing pictures in popular programs. We’ll explore in detail the uses of tools for working with color characteristics.

Image Correction in Photo Editors
In the course “5 Steps to Good Color” he tells about the ways of correcting pictures and demonstrates the results of using special tools by examples.

After studying the course you will learn:

1) How to work with white balance.
2) How to remove extraneous shades from a photo.
3) What local image correction is based on.
4) How to properly adjust image contrast.
5) Where the edge of over-processing lies.
6) With the 5 Steps to Good Color course you’ll learn to work with color at a high level and your photos will glow in new colors!

  • Portrait. Processing, retouching, plastic

An online intensive on photo processing. The intensive will be useful for beginners as well as for those who have skills in portrait processing. To start the course, you should know how to use Adobe Photoshop, be fluent in basic tools, work with layers, including adjustment layers, work with masks and layer blending modes.

The course includes 12 step-by-step practical lessons. Training is conducted online. You have at your disposal a convenient online platform that can be accessed both from your phone and computer. After studying each lesson, you need to do your homework.

In the online intensive “Portrait. Processing, Retouching, Plasticity,” you will learn:

1) Plastique on a large portrait and on a life-size portrait.
2) Perform portrait retouching. Frequency decomposition. Color substitution.
3) Creating a panoramic portrait (men’s, group portrait).
4) Working with hair, eyes, skin in a beauty portrait.
5) Other creative techniques in portrait processing.

  • Basic retouching

If you want to change jobs and go to a remote job, but do not know what services are in demand now, then this course is for you. In it you will learn how to do color correction of photos in Photoshop, which is nowadays highly demanded and well paid on freelancing. The training will also be useful for beginner photographers who want to improve their skills and learn retouching techniques that will improve their photo work.

The program is designed so that students, after learning the course, could begin to process photos quickly and accurately. During the lessons you will master Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom at a professional level. Learn ways to correct skin and hair tones. You will learn the actual techniques of retouching and learn how to work with clients.

In the Basic Retouching course program:

1) An immersion in the basics of retouching. The working environment of Photoshop.
2) What is color harmony and color properties.
3) A theoretical lesson on skin texture. Techniques for clearing skin imperfections.
4) How to correct figure and facial features.
5) Ways to speed up the retouching process to close a client’s order faster.

Thank you for your trust!